Mo is created by two highly imaginative young women entrepreneurs, graduated from Brand management and architectural studies in Milan.


Everything started on a sunny day at San Vincenzo Street while sipping their prosecco. That very day is the birthday of Mo.


Mo is a selection of Italian design,Turkish hand craftsmanship, mystery of natural stones and magical spark of silver for your life to revive.  


Mo will inspire the ones who would have a chance of seeing its innovative and unique products and give an extraordinary meaning to their daily life.

Mo is here to share the life with our beloveds, as it gets more valuable upon sharing.


Quality of Mo

Mo is rooted in more than 30 years of exprience in the craftmanship of silver and semi-precious stones. Building up on this heritage, Mo was born in 2015 taking it's place in the jewelry industry showcasing it's new look and innovative design.

Hand Craftsmanship and 30 years of experience